Little Writer Boy or My Sex-Drive in Hyper-Drive

Title: Little Writer Boy or My Sex-Drive in Hyper-Drive

Creator: Sarah Kenner

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

“Little Writer Boy or My Sex-Drive in Hyper-Drive” is an experimental piece about the mental process of lust. It is about the hoops our minds can jump through when faced with trying to understand and control our own desire. It plays with the idea of uncertainty, not just through the question of whether this attraction is mutual (and if that would be a good thing), but also through the question of whether it is appropriate to have those desires while sitting in a classroom, and for someone who is in a committed relationship. This uncertainty flourishes in the binary between inner thought, and physical reactions. It swims in a sea of uncomfortable questions and conflicting wants.


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Creator Bio:

Sarah A. Kenner is a senior Creative Writing Major at Chapman University. She grew up in Denmark – the land of Vikings, H. C. Andersen, Kierkegaard, bicycles, great beer, glittering oceans, and a winter with just a few hours of sun a day. She has been fascinated with the arts of writing and storytelling from a very young age, and moved to the US at seventeen to pursue this passion. She has a short story collection titled “Tea Time and Other Short Stories” published on Amazon, and plans to (sporadically) share blurbs of writing and non-fiction essays on her blog:

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