Title: Pythia

Creator: Nicole McLendon

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

Throughout the ages, mankind has had a need for control, a need to know what’s going to happen. This is clearly evidenced in the history of the Greek oracles, whom men went to to learn the future, their fate. Mankind does not deal well with uncertainty, with the concept that sometimes things happen that can’t be predicted or mandated. So they create ways that will allow them to peek beyond the veil of time; they find ways to convince themselves that they are in control, at least in some way. The mystique of the oracles proliferates to today in our own trysts to fortune tellers and tarot cards. Even in an age of science, we cling to the supernatural. Today, we create our own oracles, determined to know what we do not. Looking into the past reflects our own flaws, vices, and instinctive needs back at us. And who knows? Maybe the oracles were really seeing into the future. Maybe Pythia was the tool that mankind needed–needs. Because all of time has been an age of uncertainty–it just happened to manifest in oracles during the time of ancient Greece.


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Creator Bio:

Nicole McLendon is a junior screenwriting major who would much rather be time traveling right now. In another life she would be Jane Austen and William Shakespeare’s best friend, but at the
moment she fulfills her historical touristic nature through consuming and producing historical fiction in every way she can.

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