Transient Agility

Title: Transient Agility

Creator: Nicole Rieko Karrmann

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

The subject of this photo is my cat of about twelve years, Maui. To me, she embodies physical uncertainty because she moves quickly and spontaneously. I can never be quite sure of the physical response I’ll get from her in the moment- sometimes my feet moving under my blanket are mere annoyances disturbing her peaceful slumber, while other times they are exciting creatures that must be attacked and bitten. In a different sense, watching my cat grow up shows me the true uncertainty of the physique. As a kitten, she was clumsy and weak, but playful. Then, she became deft, quick, and a little bit of a troublemaker. Now, as she grows older, she has slowed her pace and is once again a little clumsy- however, she still retains certain swiftness in her actions.


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Creator Bio:

The author is Nicole Rieko Karrmann, an aspiring actress and professional napper, born in Newport, California but raised in Dallas, Texas. She loves to get lost in fantasy worlds (as well as get far too attached to fictional characters…). She also loves the experience of getting whisked away in other worlds through movies, television,… basically just escaping reality. However, she also loves studying human nature through different lenses (acting, psychology, etc.).

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