Uncertain Certainties

Title: Uncertain Certainties

Creator: Danny Liu

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

This piece was inspired by Zhang Yimou (张艺谋)and the Fifth Generation graduates of Beijing Film Academy–globally renowned artists who are seen at home as true revolutionists in both sociopolitical rhetoric and cinematic technique. This poem hopes to capture the energy of Zhang Yimou’s earlier works: his quiet political criticism, symbolic portrayals, working-class empowerment, and existentialist dialogue. However, a reader should see this piece as a mere attempt at introducing the possible interpretations– If Zhang Yimou’s cinema paints the soul’s geography, then this poem only introduces a possible canvas.


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Creator Bio:

Danny is a freshman Economics major from Beijing. He likes movies, mountains, sleep, rooftops, and talking to himself. Having endured both middle and high school in Beijing, you can find him outside regularly, gasping at the magical creation that is clean air.

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