Title: 10:01

Creator: Grace Zoerner

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

This short screenplay explores the sense of uncertainty that sits at the crux of even our closest relationships. Motifs of changing light and the distance between bodies create the aura of suspense, unease, and anticipation from which love and closeness are born. It is a piece about timing, represented by a pair of will-they-won’t-they friends who reach a point of no return in their relationship. I titled the piece 10:01 after the time at which it takes place. So much can happen in so little time, and although time as we experience it is stable and linear, what happens during our time on Earth is in curious flux until it suddenly isn’t anymore. Time is therefore the most certain and uncertain thing we can experience.


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Creator Bio:

Grace is a sophomore Creative Writing major with a minor in Psychology. As an aspiring author, she loves to read novels, poetry, plays and creative nonfiction — and she knows most of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem Renascence by heart. She’s also passionate about theater, dance, and coffee. In her adulthood, she wants to travel the world and write.

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