The Witch of Millstone

Title: The Witch of Millstone

Creator: Mitchell Sturhann

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

The Witch of Millstone is a Dungeons and Dragons quest entirely focused around the key concept of uncertainty and how physical perceptions of others lead to snap judgments and systemic prejudice. The initial conceit of a “witch” being tried and executed under false circumstances takes heavy influence from colonial history, and this piece aims to portray the historical scenario’s different contributing prejudices of racism, sexism, and ageism all under the guise of a dark, fantasy mystery. Through interaction with non-playable characters and an increasing list of probable antagonists, players will have to confront their own internal biases in order to solve the mystery and restore order to the town of Millstone. 

Instructions and core rules are included within.


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Creator Bio:

Mitchell is a junior Screenwriting major who loves to read, write, or watch anything from either the screen or written page. He is showrunner for a  web series and is one of the founding members and writers of Chapman Sketch Comedy. He plays trumpet with the Chapman Wind Ensemble and Big Band and is an avid listener of movie soundtracks. He has a penchant for old Toho Godzilla movies and has been positively identified as a Slytherin.

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