A Night In

Title: A Night In

Creator: Ben Tuschman

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

This was an assignment for our Intro to Visual Storytelling class. I’d recently seen this short film, “Noah”, which is told entirely through the confines of a computer screen. That concept caused me to really want to dig into a young kid’s late-night web activities and got me thinking about how so much of modern intimacy, both physical and mental, occurs through screens. Many young teenagers and even children are now learning about intimacy not through stories from older friends or parents but through media in television, movies, and online content. There is not just a handful of local stories to develop one’s understanding, but an infinite number of portrayals and perspectives available on what “intimacy” truly is.


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Creator Bio:

Ben Tuschman is a freshman studying Screenwriting. He is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and thinks he hopes to write a feature film or two that causes someone to question a previously unexamined belief and/or laugh. The latter is perhaps more likely.

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