Title: Manzanita

Creator: Pilar Quezada

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

Manzanita means “little apple” in Spanish. It is a coquettish term to signify that the true nature of humans is intimate. The apple is a universal symbol of sexuality and fertility therefore, in this piece, it alludes to the sexual pleasures of a young woman. Women are viewed as sexual objects because society distorts their sense of intimacy. In this piece, women are a viewed as temptations because their bodies are sexualized therefore they cannot appropriately indulge in an intimate relationship. Intimacy among humans is a powerful and pleasurable but it can be tinted with evil intentions. Women should not be the object of society’s lust but the partner in the complete intimate relationship. This piece serves to portray the female body as a tool that is meant to be used for good but ends up being manipulated.


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Creator Bio:

I am a proud Mexican, first generation student and passionate about serving the youth. I have 12 siblings who push me to be a role model. I love going to the beach and watching Netflix.

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