Title: Crush/Date/Love

Creator: Kate Minzner

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

As much as intimacy can transcend time, it can also be limited by it. The way we feel intimacy in our lives changes over time as we grow and change as people. This poem illustrates a person looking back at the various instances of intimacy over the course of their life, showing how this person connects different imagery to intimacy over time. This poem is meant to show that intimacy is not concrete, and can instead move forward as time does.


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Creator Bio:

Kate Minzner is a sophomore in Television Writing and Production at Chapman University. She grew up in Northern Kentucky and writes screenplays and narrative essays. When she isn’t writing or working on schoolwork, Kate can be found running half marathons, playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends, doodling mediocre cartoons, and looking at pictures of dogs on Instagram.

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