Closer to You

Title: Closer to You

Creator: Pippa Russell

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

This poem is meant to explore the darker side of intimacy through an unreliable narrator. The concept of space is relevant within the context of the poem because physical space is used by the narrator as a euphemism for emotional distance. It is also worth noting how space influences how lines are read and interpreted. Certain line breaks in the poem are meant to provide a dual understanding of what the narrator is trying to say, by functioning as individual lines as well as in the context of the surrounding lines of the poem. Ultimately I am trying to convey that the sense of closeness that the narrator feels does not imply that the connection here is positive. In fact, in this case, it implies the exact opposite.


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Creator Bio:

Pippa Russell is a writer, swimmer, and seasoned Netflix addict. She majors in Television Writing and Production and spends most of her spare time writing poetry or short stories.

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