She Asked

Title: She Asked

Creator: Jacqueline van Bronkhorst

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

For me, building an intimate relationship with someone has always relied much more on our minds than on anything else. Relationships grow through the sharing of ideas, experiences, opinions. Telling stories of our pasts, acquainting the other with who we used to be, brings us together in the present in such a way that cannot be mimicked. I wrote this about the briefest moment that made me feel like I was seen in a way only someone who I shared an intimate connection with could see me. Though I mention that she asks this question because of my body language, it takes an intimate knowledge of each other’s habits and thoughts to catch such minute differences.


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Creator Bio:

Jacqueline is a junior year screenwriting major who is spending her semester in Prague, Czech Republic. (If you want to talk to her about it, she won’t be able to stop talking about it for years, so just ask.) She’s meant to submit to Sapere Aude every semester since she was a freshman, and it took being away from all her friends in the Honors program to actually get in gear and make something she was proud to show them.

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