Title: Non-Euclidean

Creator: Brian Kmetz

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

The question is always asked of me, how do I let go? How could any foster parent ever say goodbye to the animals they cherish so dearly? The question is too Euclidean. Intimacy is not beholden to relative distance; it does not bend when confronted by the principles of space. Geometry can represent points, lines, and topological structures yet intimacy transcends such mathematical definition. There is no distance between these beings and I. I carry them with me always. Each new foster both an individual in their own right and a mirror reflecting every animal that came before them. This mosaic tears away the space between the photographer and his previous fosters by imagining one puppy as a confluence of all the animals that came before him. In this way, there is no distance between intimate beings. A violation, to be sure, in the principle of indiscernibility among identical points. But intimacy is not meant to be constrained by the rules of metric space. Special thanks to Wonjo Paik and Sarah Kenner for contributing additional photos to this project.


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Creator Bio:

Brian Kmetz is a computer scientist and Chapman alumnus who just won’t leave. His presence is tolerated however because he brings foster animals with him onto campus. It’s pretty much the only reason they haven’t called security on him yet.

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