A Sober and Dignified Example of an Apology

Title: A Sober and Dignified Example of an Apology

Creator: Pippa Russell

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

I wrote this in part as a response to the apologies that men have been making after being accused of sexual assault. The one in particular that spurred me to write this piece was the man who attached his company’s new cinnamon roll recipe to the end of his public apology letter. This is a piece about how these men attempt to gaslight the people they have hurt, and the public in general, into believing they are the real victims. This trick is an attempt to encourage conspiratorial thinking in those already determined not to believe accusers, especially women accusing powerful men. The framing of these public apologies is never actually about making amends, but about trying to convince the public of the idea that the accusations against them are not as bad as they seem – mere “shadows on the wall.” They do not care about the people they have hurt, only their own reputation, and one of the tells of this is that few of these public apologies ever include the actual words “I’m sorry.”


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Creator Bio:

Pippa Russell is a writer, swimmer, and seasoned Netflix addict. She majors in Television Writing and Production and spends most of her spare time writing poetry or short stories.

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