Title: Malleability

Creator: Nicole Rieko Karrmann

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

This piece, named malleability, exemplifies the art of conspiracy within photography. In most cases in this visual medium, the photographer and editor mess with lighting and angles so much so that the finished image that is presented exemplifies an entirely different world and sensory experience than that initially captured. Additionally, the image captures a subject mid-air, a difficult process that takes many a try to get it right, yet the photo looks elegant and effortless. On a larger scale, this photo speaks to how conspiracy lives in our everyday lives through how people present themselves on social media.


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Creator Bio:

Nicole Rieko Karrmann is a junior BFA Screen Acting major with a side passion for the
expressive nature of photography. She is particularly passionate about her feline companion,
Maui, and taking naps. Additionally, Nicole has a passion for experimenting with makeup and
using it more as a means of self expression and exploration rather than self-improvement.

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