Title: Q

Creator: Kyle Naftel

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

We all think that we have a very clear idea of who we are. We know our minds, our bodies, and our histories, and believe them all to be a part of us. But, our cells are constantly dying and being replaced. The atoms inside our brains keep being exchanged for new ones. Almost every part of my body is completely different than it was ten years ago. Is my idea of my body a conspiracy? Do I lie to myself when I say that this body is “me.”  How can I still be “me” when so much of my body has been lost and replaced? This story takes that idea to the extreme, as a man must deal with philosophical issues of identity in a future where entire organs can be removed and replaced instantly. After undergoing a major surgery, he is forced to ask whether or not he is the same person that went into the operating room. Ultimately, the story is about change, growth, and dealing with the past.


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Creator Bio:

My name is Kyle Naftel. I am a sophomore Screenwriting major. I grew up in Santa Clarita,
California, and have loved telling stories since I was five. Stories manage to entertain, inform,
and teach, all at the same time. I enjoy writing science fiction, and using the genre to explore
the world in unique ways. I hope to become a respected writer and director of feature films, and
to have the opportunity to use my stories to voice my thoughts on life, the future, and humanity.


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