The Impossibility of an American Cinematic Wave

Title: The Impossibility of an American Cinematic Wave

Creator: Maddie Gwinn

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

For postmodern creatives, there is an intense psychic pressure of life under late Capitalism that shatters the psyche itself, destabilizing the once­ solid core of individual identity and rendering it ineffective as a source of aesthetic expression. Filmmakers possess agency within social systems to break tradition and define the present identity of a nation, and as Rimbaud says “one must be absolutely modern”. This essay explores how Hollywood has failed to wield its agency through the form of cinematic waves.


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Creator Bio:

Maddie Gwinn is a currently finishing her senior thesis in directing, a film called Marketa in the Desert, and Capstone project for the Honors Program titled “Countering the Current: The Function of Cinematic Waves in Communist vs. Capitalist Societies”. After graduation, she plans to move to Europe to pursue a mentorship program with Jane Campion and a directing program at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg through the following spring. Maddie spends her free thoughts lamenting the postmodern condition.

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