Marketa & Pauline

Title: Marketa & Pauline

Creator: Maddie Gwinn

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

This snapshot was taken during the shooting of my film about two estranged sisters who connect over a roadtrip across the California desert to their mothers house. In meeting each other for the first time, their lifelong preconceptions about each other, one growing up in America and the other in Czechoslovakia, dissolve as they begin to get to know each other as complex individuals rather than the imagined identities infused by separation.


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Creator Bio:

Maddie Gwinn is a currently finishing her senior thesis in directing, a film called Marketa in the Desert, and Capstone project for the Honors Program titled “Countering the Current: The Function of Cinematic Waves in Communist vs. Capitalist Societies”. After graduation, she plans to move to Europe to pursue a mentorship program with Jane Campion and a directing program at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg through the following spring. Maddie spends her free thoughts lamenting the postmodern condition.

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