Title: 9.28.19

Creator: Ashley Musick

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

This poem is about death of identity in terms of childhood, family, and symbolic physical manifestations. Nostalgia is interwoven with the physical representation of family symbolized by the narrator’s childhood home, as well as with the death of the narrator’s identity both within and in terms of the family. As the narrator leaves behind a house, they are also leaving behind their current understanding of family, and thus their own identity in terms of what that family once was. This “death” can also be seen as a rebirth, though the narrator is not yet able to view it this way.


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Creator Bio:

Ashley is a senior Creative Writing major and Dance minor who loves to read, write, and dance. She works at Linden Tree Children’s Books in Los Altos, California, and has been doing ballet since she was three years old. She also has a particular affinity for fantasy novels, and is extremely proud to be a member of the Hufflepuff house from Harry Potter. She can often be found dancing around campus or curled up in odd places reading (or re-reading) her favorite books.

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