What Animation Taught Us: Navigating Identity in Mulan

Title: What Animation Taught Us: Navigating Identity in Mulan

Creator: Pippa Russell

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

This video essay was created as a response to a challenge from the YouTube channel FilmJoy to explore what lessons we might take from the animated films we loved as children. In exploring Mulan, I found that the core message of the movie is that humanity is innate, and we are worthy of respect not because of what we can do for others, but because to be human means to deserve dignity and love. As a project, the videos made for the Lessons Animation Taught Us playlist on YouTube provide a place for people to explore what our minds absorbed from our earliest entertainment sources, especially because animation as a genre is frequently seen as lesser than live-action.


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Creator Bio:

Pippa Russell is a senior TWP major who enjoys reading, writing, and streaming shows on her laptop.

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