Man and Machine

Title: Man and Machine

Creator: Eli Annoni

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

Man and Machine is a musical composition that reflects on the ever-present struggle between humanity and its own erratic ingenuity. The piece is performed by a brass quintet and piano, representing man and its own creation, respectively. You will be able to hear how the brass begins to toy with ideas, and from the tension they generate a new creation. However, man inevitably is prideful and careless, and allows its own creation to break down and cause harm. This piece explores the dangers of unbridled curiosity of our human nature and its timeless effect on humanity through reflection on the past, observation of the present, and prediction of the future.


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Creator Bio:

Eli Annoni is a freshman Honors student studying Trombone Performance and Computer Science. His interests include film music composition, programming, and performing. Eli hopes to further pursue his musical and computational interests beyond Chapman.

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