Reluctance and Resolution

Title: Reluctance and Resolution

Creator: Daniel Choi

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

Sometimes emotional battles within us are greater than the physical battles we face in the material world. This poem portrays the presence of constant internal conflict (Reluctance against Resolution) in my mind as I struggle to face the pressure of fitting into the social norms of modern culture and society. Reluctance is the part of me that hesitates to seize opportunities and ultimately succumbs to the judgment of humanity, while Resolution is the determination that drives me to succeed with an optimistic mindset. This internal tension that I’ve experienced is responsible for the sentiments I feel, the decisions I make, and the perspective I have on life on a daily basis.


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Creator Bio:

Daniel Choi is currently a freshman at Chapman University from Yorba Linda, California, and majors in Health Sciences (with a Pre-Medicine emphasis). He aspires to go to medical school one day in hopes of becoming a medical doctor and help others with their health. In his free time, he loves to play tennis and spend quality time with friends and family.

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